Success at the Zapcat Celtic Cup

Chris Sergent crewing center boat
ASLSC's Paul Sargent crewing middle boat

Aberdeen Surf Life Saving Club member Paul Sargent competed in the first Zapcat Celtic Cup with our sponsor, Marin Subsea’s team Scottish Highlanders – Guardian of Scotland. Paul’s team managed a very respectable 13th despite this being his first competition.

Marin Subsea’s main team, Marin Subsea/ Delta Jet were flying from the word go and looked like an unstoppable team as they carried on their lead in the Celtic Cup. From the first turn they took the lead from Westgate and BS Marinesport  as the pack closed in. Marin Subsea, knowing they had the boat speed opted for the shorter course to build their lead, which they maintained to take the top spot on the podium.


Zapcat Celtic Cup Results 2009

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