Our History

The History of Our Club

Our club was formed in Aberdeen around 1992. The council withdrew the paid lifeguard service and the lifeguards stayed on and formed the club in order to provide volunteer patrols for the summer.

Over the years, our club has provided volunteer patrols, lifeguard cover for local swim events, surfing events and other water sports. From 2022-2023, we qualified over 10 new lifeguards and we are aiming to establish our very own Nippers club this summer !

Previously, our club has attended national SLSGB club competitions and we are working towards this for 2024 !

If you didn’t already know Aberdeen City’s Coat of Arms features two leopards

How the Leopard got it’s spots – Some of the story below is true

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away………well, a few years back anyway – Let me check and I’ll get back to you – Our club was formed. Naturally, we adopted the Leopard as our mascot – A creature known for it’s love of cold sea water. So, Aberdeen Surf Life Saving Club became “The Leopards”. But what was the real reason we chose our name?

Not too many people know why they’re there: According to legend the beasts were granted by James I to Aberdeen as the burgh underwrote his expenses while in exile in England. Over the years the descendants of the original pair of leopards (Nargis and Jocuum) have been looked after by the city elders. However, in recent times budgetary cutbacks and increased health and safety legislation meant that the remaining Big Cat was no longer able to be cared for and had to be housed in a secure lock-up on the beach front. When Aberdeen Surf Life Saving Club took over the use of the beachfront lock-up a proviso was made that they would look after this poor but much loved creature.

During the out of season months you will probably the hardy members of our club either fundraising to pull together enough money to feed her or out in the sea hunting for seals and other marine mammals (mostly on Sunday’s). During the Patrol Season, July and August, we generally feed her any lost children we have left over at the end of the day.

We like to think we’re one of the only surf life saving clubs in the UK, if not the World, who has a wild untamed Cat as club secretary.

Useless Fact

There is enough water in Loch Ness (7.4 km³) to completely submerge the human race thre times over – We’re gonna need a bigger boat!