Beach Risk Assessment

Beach Risk Assessment, May 1999

By D. MacDonald for Aberdeen Surf Life Saving Club


Though produced for Aberdeen Surf lifesaving Club this document is of a general nature and can be of use to others. The author encourages the reader to copy and distribute this document freely in the interest of safety.

Aberdeen surf lifesaving club provides volunteer life guards and water safety training and would welcome donations to aid their work.

The Need for a Risk Assessment

Accidents on beaches are best reduced by assessing the risks and responding with appropriate measures to minimise and warn those risks at each location. It is therefore important that an assessment of beach hazards, the degree of usage and the type of activities taking place. From this initial assessment balanced preventative strategies can be formulated, building on existing effective measures and addressing areas of need.


The following risk assessment addresses the problems particular to Aberdeen beach, the potential hazards and those likely to be affected. This assessment also contains advice and recommendations on how to tackle the problems highlighted, both by a lifeguard patrol and by the city council.

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Aberdeen Beach Risk Assessment (pdf)

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