Safety plea around water

Aberdeen Surf Life Saving Club were pleased this week to support the launch of RNLI’s Respect The Water campaign. ASLSC in concert with the other member organisations of the Aberdeen Water Safety Group have urged the public to think about how to stay safe around the water this summer.

Tips for having safe fun around water include:

  • Look at the Respect The Water website especially the advice about floating on your back to catch your breath if you fall into cold water.
  • Be aware of the tide times and the weather before going.
  • Take a mobile phone just in case it is needed.
  • Keep covered up, wear a sunhat and use (coral safe) sunscreen as its easy to burn even when overcast in Scotland.
  • When you are by water be aware of your location, make a mental note of where you are in case you have to contact the emergency services. Aberdeen beach has location codes signs on the fence to  help you identify your location.
  • When swimming at the beach be aware that there may be submerged objects like rocks or reefs, and that sandbanks can shift as the tides move.

Club gets funding from the Council for doors and changing room!

Great news! The club has been awarded two tranches of money that now allow us to do some long needed maintenance on the doors plus…….

We get to upgrade the Sea Swimmer’s Bothy to changing rooms.

Updates to follow!


The first course of 2013 has started!

Last weekend saw the start of the first Surf Lifeguard course of the year. With 2 participants – Anna and Hugh, we hope we will soon have two more lifeguards to help us keep the water (and land) a safer place.

The trainers/organisers for this course are Chris L and Paul S with the help also of Cally A, we’re in good hands this year!

Updates on the course will follow 🙂



2 more Lifeguards pass the test!

Two weekends ago we saw 2 trainees , Adam and Dan pass thier Surf Lifeguard exam!

Massive congratulations to them both on their achievement, the world is a safer place now.

That brings the total number of Lifeguards qualified this year up to 9! Which must be record for this club 🙂

However with the chance of another course being run this year we could see that record tumble again!


7 new Lifeguards in Aberdeen!

Earlier this month after a well planned and executed course 7 Lifeguards passed their final exam!

Adam, Cally, Christina, George, Josh (me) Kylie, and Sophie all passed their timed swim, questions and defences/releases. A day later they passed the beach section of the exam in some challenging conditions, so passing was all the more deserved!

Also a lot of thanks needs to go to Rob and Paul for running the course so well and using up their own free time to do it.

Last but certainly not least thanks to Chris the examiner, without whom no exam could have taken place!

This sets us up really well for the patrol season which begins in July.

Massive congratulations to all involved on a successful course 🙂


Swim Training is back on!

Swim training is back on again thanks to the committee members securing a spot at the RGU pool. We will be there on Fridays from now on. We would aim to meet in the reception from 6:45 pm, in the pool for 7:00pm and then train for an hour or until you’ve passed out from exhaustion…


Dee Kayak Marathon 2011

Dee Kayak Marathon 2011 R 

Above are the entry details for the Dee Kayak Marathon 2011.

It’s happening on Sunday the 16th of October.

It would be great if we could get a club team to enter it!


New Facebook Group, come and join!

We thought it’d be better to have a Facebook group rather than a page.

If you want to keep more up to date with the club then feel free to join 🙂

Here’s a link:


We have five new lifeguards!

Last month saw three people (Claire, Robbie and Rae) pass their Beach Lifeguard qualification and two (Kaz and Carl) pass their Surf Lifesaver Award. A big well done to all of them! A great way to round off the patrol season.
Unfortunately our weekend patrols are over for this year but we will still be at the hut on Sundays from 12:30.
In the mean time, if there are any problems then call International Rescue and ask for Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 4 😉


We have a YouTube page!

Hi guys,

This is to let you know we now have a YouTube page where we will post videos of some of the stuff we get up to at the club or when we’re away on trips and at competitions.

You can subscribe to our channel if you are already registered on YouTube to keep yourself up to date on the latest goings on.

Below is the link to the page, enjoy!