Marine Conservation Society Beach Clean-up

Andrew Burns, Shona Brown, Mark Bragg and Chris Leach from Aberdeen Surf Life Saving club participated in the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch Big Weekend. The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has organized the Beachwatch Big Weekend, a nation-wide beach clean-up and litter survey every year since 1993. The Beachwatch Big Weekend takes place once every year, always on the third weekend of September to coincide with the International Coastal Clean (ICC) up.

Thousands of volunteers from around the UK spend just a few hours of the MCS Beachwatch Big Weekend helping to clean up and survey our coastline.

MCS Beachwatch Big Weekend is the flagship event of the Adopt-a-Beach project. Adopt-a-Beach uses exactly the same method of beach cleaning and surveying as Beachwatch Big Weekend, but the events take place seasonally 4 times a year (The majority of Adopt-a-Beach organises carry out their Autumn survey over the MCS Beachwatch Big Weekend).

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