Gregor – Nippers Coach

What made you want to try surf lifesaving?

From the age of about 12 I did pool lifesaving gaining qualifications such as Bronze Medalion and the Award of Merit and the National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification.  When I turned 16 I began working at Westhill Swimming Pool as a lifeguard whilst at school and university.  I then became a paramedic with the Scottish Ambulance Service and still work with them as an Advanced Paramedic.

I have always enjoyed all water activities and for about the last eight years my wife and me have taken our two boys to North Devon each summer to spend at least two weeks at the beach (apart from one year when we went to The Gower in South Wales).  We fell in love with body boarding and now the boys are a bit older we have progressed to trying out surfing.  We always go to beaches patrolled by RNLI lifeguards as we know the importance of having that safety net there in case anything goes wrong.

My Eldest has followed in my footsteps by completing his lifeguard qualifications and is now working as a lifeguard at a local pool.  He decided that he would like to also do beach lifeguarding so when he enrolled in the course, I decided I might as well join in too rather than just standing watching whilst waiting for him to finish.  Unfortunately, I was working the weekend of the exam so have not sat it yet but hope to do so in 2023.

What has been your favourite moment this year?

I have loved being in the water and learning new skills during the lifesaving course but my favourite moment of the year as far as surf lifesaving goes is finding out my son had passed the exam and the swim test in the required time which meant he was now a qualified beach lifeguard. #ProudDad


What do you enjoy most about being part of the club?

I am very new to the club but so far I am enjoying how welcoming everyone has been as well as the dedication and camaraderie shown by the more established members.  The fact that everyone is willing to provide an incredible service and training opportunities in their own time is amazing.


What would you say to anyone wanting to give surf lifesaving a try?

DO IT!!  Even if you are not able to complete some of the elements of the course all is not lost as there are many roles which require to be fulfilled to help make the surf lifesaving system work and you will be fully supported in striving to complete anything which you need help with.  You won’t regret giving it a try!


This goes for everyone from 7 years old upwards.  ASLSC are working really hard to get a new Nippers section started for children aged 7-13 where they can learn lots of beach lifesaving knowledge and skills.  I am the Nippers Captain so if you would like to know more then just get in touch!!