Safety plea around water

Aberdeen Surf Life Saving Club were pleased this week to support the launch of RNLI’s Respect The Water campaign. ASLSC in concert with the other member organisations of the Aberdeen Water Safety Group have urged the public to think about how to stay safe around the water this summer.

Tips for having safe fun around water include:

  • Look at the Respect The Water website especially the advice about floating on your back to catch your breath if you fall into cold water.
  • Be aware of the tide times and the weather before going.
  • Take a mobile phone just in case it is needed.
  • Keep covered up, wear a sunhat and use (coral safe) sunscreen as its easy to burn even when overcast in Scotland.
  • When you are by water be aware of your location, make a mental note of where you are in case you have to contact the emergency services. Aberdeen beach has location codes signs on the fence to  help you identify your location.
  • When swimming at the beach be aware that there may be submerged objects like rocks or reefs, and that sandbanks can shift as the tides move.

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