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Our club hut is dead easy to find – We’re on Aberdeen beach in between Codona’s Ammusment’s and The Beach Ballroom. If you’re stood near the new rock groins then you’re not far away from us – Look for a Red & Yellow flag.

10 Responses to “Location”

  • Hi
    I’m writing to enquire about becoming part of your lifesaving club.
    I’m 26, fairly decent shape (not very good at swimming but i’m working hard at this)
    Could you send me some details, like basic requirements etc?
    Kind regards


  • Hi Aaron,
    It’s great to hear you’re interested in coming down!
    Basic requirements are that you join the club, don’t mind the cold and like the sea haha.
    We can teach you all you need to know so you don’t need to be an expert before coming down. Having good balance helps too.
    If you’re wanting to do the Beach Lifeguard qualification then swimming is important and so is the first aid, board technique and fitness etc.
    I’ll send you an e-mail with details on that.

    Cheers, Josh

  • Hi just looking at the post above, I’m in a similar situation, I’m in fairly decent shape and have just rejoined the gym to start working on my fitness and swimming, and also have just started surfing again after years of my board sitting gathering dust in the garage. Wondering if you could fire me that email you mentioned above as well, so I can focus my training a bit more?

    Cheers, Rob

  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your message, sorry I haven’t seen this before today. Spent last week crippled and in bed with no internet!
    Glad to hear you’re interested in coming down to the club, the best thing to do is to come down on a Sunday at 12:30pm and speak to any of the guys and gals that are there and we will be more than happy to explain things to you.

  • Hello,

    I’ve recently moved to Aberdeen from south west England, where I spent as much time as I could in the surf. I’ve never done any life saving before but I’d be keen to get involved with the club if possible?

    I’d appreciate any info you can give me about joining up?


  • Hi Greg!
    Thanks for your message, South West eh? I know a bit about those parts ūüôā
    We’d be more than happy for you to come down on one of our Sunday sessions and join in with whatever we’re up to.
    We meet at the club around 12:30, take a look at the conditions and see where we go from there!
    Had some real nice waves last week (for Aberdeen anyway).

    Feel free to come this Sunday or one in the future, we meet all year round although there are mainly only the hardcore folk down in the winter…but that’s when you get the best surf!

    Cheers, Josh

  • Hi Wondering if you could let me know more about your club. Do you meet at the beach every Sunday? Do you guys surf? How much is the beach lifeguard course? Laura

  • Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the message!
    If you want to know about the club I’d suggest taking a look at our about page, that covers pretty much everything and the other pages fill in the rest.
    Yes we meet every Sunday down at the beach, some weeks in the winter (such as last Sunday) we don’t go in if the waves are messy as it’s not worth the hypothermia! haha.
    Some members surf normal boards and most members can surf the large yellow rescue boards which helps get a better feel of how they handle in surf when doing rescues.
    I’ll email you with course prices.
    Cheers Josh

  • Hi just wondering if there is any qualification exams running this year so that I dont have to go back down south to do it!!


  • Hi Joe,
    Are you still needing to do this exam? If so, is it just a requal or a full exam required?

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